Benders 90/10 Jig

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The Jig was designed for the fellow benders in mind! This Jig allows you to remove steps from you molding process in two ways. Most Benders make pancake style OWB but hate how long they can take to make, this Jig eliminates two steps from your process; Hole alignment, and bending your wings to a desired angle.

The jig features a 7" long 35 degree bent wing area with 3/4" hole indicators built in allowing you to form with one or both pieces of the holsters at the same time, while also helping improve the alignment process of the two halves. 

It is a symmetrical bend for the jig and it features a 3.5" molding area for the most commonly used molds.

The Jig was designed to be used with full size molding drones, which most benders already have!

The Jig was designed for the Xtreme foam so many benders already use, but its for the 1/2" thickness. Which provide great forming definition on the back of the holster. 

With all the time and hassle saved by using this Jig you'll be able to produce a superior holster because of how consistent your holsters will become!